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The story behind the cutting edge leafDeepLeaf.

Ranked 1st

Established in November 2022, Our journey began with El Mahdi, our visionary founder, who ignited the spark with his first invention and an unwavering passion for innovation. Along the way, he crossed paths with like-minded individuals forming a team that shares a common mission. Their collective mission? To enhance farming practices significantly and make agriculture better for everyone. DeepLeaf isn't just a company; it's a platform for transformation, powered by a team of nine experts committed to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape.

Our Awards
Our Focus Roadmap

Disease & pest identification

Constantly collecting data to improve disease detection.

Guidance and advisory

Continuous improvement of expert guidance and decision making.

Fertilization planning

Enhancing nutrient management through AI insights and Agronomy experts.

Irrigation management

Experimenting data-driven irrigation for efficient resource use.

Farming robots

Developing advanced robots for farm automation.

Smart Farms

Automating farms from A to Z using Sensors, AI & robotics.

Our Vision

DeepLeaf envisions a future where every farmer has access to cutting-edge agricultural technology powered by AI and robotics. We aim to transform farming practices, making them more sustainable and productive. Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture, one field at a time, and contribute to a greener, more food-secure world.

The Values impact

Deepleaf’s impact extends far and wide. We’ve achieved substantial results that includes a 40% reduction in pesticide usage and a significant decrease in CO2 emissions. Socially and economically, we’ve increased agricultural productivity by providing good practices, improved cost savings for farmers through early and correct treatment, and created jobs for local communities.

The Elite team behind DeepLeaf.

El Mahdi Aboulmanadel

CEO & Founder

Fatima Ezzhara Abeddad


Lahcen Ait Houmaid


Ludovic Ekalle Roland Junior


Imad Eddine Zitouni


Mokhliss Rochdi


Anas Choqiri

Lead Agronomist

Abir Aboulmanadel

PR Manager

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