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We protect crops from Disease & Virus.Pest Outbreaks.Climate Change.
About us

Explore DeepLeaf's Pioneering Technology.

Which Is Revolutionizing Agricultural Practices And Shaping The Future Of Food Production.

DeepLeaf's cutting-edge AI technology enables early detection of crop diseases and viruses, ensuring timely and effective intervention to protect your yields.

Advanced pest monitoring with smart traps and innovative pest hunting using the DeepFly mini drone, providing efficient and eco-friendly pest management solutions.

DeepLeaf's advanced technology tracks pesticide use and predicts retention times, helping you meet export regulations and ensure the safety and compliance of your produce.

Accurate & Fast

Autonomous & Farmer Friendly

Early & Preventive

Increase in Crop Yield with DeepLeaf's Sustainable Solutions.
Decrease in Chemical Pesticide Usage and Less Residues at Harvest

AI x Agriculture = ResilienceSustainabilityProfitabilityProsperity

In both human and plant health, the best advice is “Prevention is better than cure”. This is why we launched DeepLeaf, Africa's first solution designed to proactively detect plant diseases.

AI-Driven Crop Protection

Utilize our advanced AI algorithms and trained models for early-stage disease detection in tomatoes and cocoa. Our solutions provide accurate and timely insights for effective crop management.

Agronomic Expertise

Leverage our deep understanding of agronomy and phytopathology, backed by experts with years of experience. Our team provides robust support and consultation for optimal crop health and yield.

Field Monitoring Technology

Deploy cutting-edge tools like our portable NIR cameras and smartphone applications for real-time disease detection and monitoring. Stay informed and proactive with our comprehensive field solutions.

Interested in our tech? Let's talk

DeepLeaf has a team of field experts to deliver, implement, and drive your production to the next level!

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