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Drive produce growth and reduce chemical usage with the most advanced AgriTech tools.

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Hi I'm Morshida, I'm your smart farming expert, Take a quick snapshot of a plant leaf for early disease detection or chat via text and voice for expert advice
Disease Detection

Disease Detection

Send me a picture of your plant leaf to get an early jump on plant diseases in less than 4 seconds and I will provide you with the recommended treatments and good farming practices.

Tailored Guidance

Tailored Guidance

I provide tailored treatments recommended by agronomy experts. Simply share your farm's location, and I will provide your with recommendations based on weather forecasts to protect your crops.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access

Unlock the full potential of AI-Powered Disease Detection with 999 monthly images and messages.

Fertilization & Irrigation

Fertilization & Irrigation

Maximize your harvests and optimize your inputs and resources usage by receiving customized fertilizer and irrigation planning.

Preventive alerts

Preventive alerts

Receive alerts on potential crop threats for the next 3 days and get immediate prevention steps from experts.


Spend less
on Chemicals

Minimize chemical usage by up to 40%, save on production cost by adopting Morshida’s sustainable farming practices.

24/7 Available & Accessible

Unlimited Expertise at your fingertips

Behind every farm, a team of AI agronomists, working 24/7 to provide your with tailored guidance.


How can Morshida assist you today?

Morshida, can you identify this disease?

How to protect my crops from pest?

Tell me the optimal irrigation schedule.

What's the weather forecast?

Can you suggest which fertilizers are best?

How can I improve soil quality?

Give me advice on increasing yields

And anything that you have in mind πŸ˜‰

Easy to use β€’ Process

How it works?

Start Messaging

Begin your conversation with Morshida.

Take a picture

Detect plant disease and get recommended treatment.

Want more?

Upgrade to pro and get up to 999 messages per month.

Your partner for smart decisions β€’ Why us?

10x Smarter


and other 6 Reasons why you need Morshida in your farm.

Traditional Farming
Excessive chemical usage

Uncertain decision-making

Slow growth & less yields

High production cost

Low return and income

Positive & lasting impact

40% less chemicals

Increased yields & quality

Early prevention

Optimized resource usage

Learning experience

Still have a question? Browse documentation or submit a ticket.

Happy Customers

Still have a question? Browse documentation or submit a ticket.

Need Help?

The response generation process of the system is based on natural language processing and machine learning techniques. It analyzes the input data and identifies the key information to generate relevant and accurate responses. The system is trained on a large dataset of text and uses complex algorithms to understand the context and meaning of the input data to generate appropriate responses.

Yes, we release regular updates to the system to improve its performance and add new features. You can expect to receive notifications about these updates and download them from our website. Updates may include bug fixes, security patches, and new features that enhance the overall functionality of the system. It is recommended that you keep your system up to date to ensure optimal performance and security.

The premium plugins are not included in the basic package of the system. However, you can purchase them separately and integrate them into your system. It is recommended that you register your premium plugins to receive regular updates and support. Registering your plugins will also ensure that you receive important notifications about any security patches or bug fixes.

Still have a question? Browse documentation or submit a ticket.

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